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All-American Heroes Partners automatically enrolled in Dirty Ducats octobre 31, 2011
All-American Heroes is now part of the Dirty Ducats team! If you were an affiliate in the All-American Heroes Partners, you've been automatically enrolled in the Dirty Ducats program.

Some things that will be changing:
1. Members of All-American Heroes, will now have access to NakedMarine.com. Although this site is not available for affiliate promotion yet, members will have access to videos and galleries right away!
2. Upgraded members area. You will see better navigation, standardized scene formats, updated graphics, and more.
3. Regular updates and affiliate newsletters. Every week, a new scene will be posted. Also, affiliates will receive an email to inform them of the tools available to promote the site.
4. Affiliate tools and stats. We know many of you have expressed a desire for improvements over the DHD stats area. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of NATS to track stats, download content, and keep up to date.
5. Payments. All payments due under the DHD program have already been sent out. Any revenue earned under the new program will be paid directly from Sierra Blue Internet, Inc. (our parent company).
6. Tour. We will continue to offer the static (Rugged Americans) tour. However, we will also be offering new tours that reflect the wealth and quality of content available in the members area. Affiliates are free to promote either tour.

Some things that won't be changing:
1. The content. The All-American Heroes brand has been known for years. Surfers expect REAL, AMATEUR MILITARY GUYS, FIREFIGHTERS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, and LIFE SAVERS. They can continue to see the same types of guys doing things the way they've come to expect.
2. The colors and general look of the site. We believe "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Many of you know that this site converts very well and appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers. We want to continue to draw the same brand loyalty and interest you've come to trust over the years.

Don't panic! We have taken extra care to make sure your links continue tracking within NATS.

Your DHD info has been imported into our new system and our script will track your old links, as well as your new ones. You can use the same username and password you used with the old program.

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